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Jeff Schamel - Facebook Comment

I’ve purchased 2 trucks from Anthony. Both were exactly as advertised. The customer service at Gateway is on the same level as their trucks! Outstanding!

Artie Jennewein Jr. - Facebook Comment

I also bought a truck from them and it was/is just as good as Anthony said. I’ll buy my next from him too.

Danny Friedmann - Facebook Comment

I purchased a 07 mega cab from Anthony. 70k mi and the truck was mint. I couldn’t find one flaw in it. It was everything he said and some. A year and a half later it’s still like new. Couldn’t be happier.

Dwayne Hubbs - Facebook Comment

I purchased a 2005 Ram 2500 from Anthony. 42K miles. I researched the vehicle in every way possible. I flew into St. Lewis from Atl. where one of Anthony’s employees picked me up and drove me to the lot. Again, I crawled all over and under the truck, inspected it for at least a hour, test drove it twice. This is the last truck I will ever buy. I could have bought a brand new truck of my choice. I would much rather have mine. There is no need whatsoever to worry about the quality of these trucks. I consider mine irreplaceable! Thank you again Anthony!

Andy Frisella, MFCEO 1st Phorm Supplements

[speaking about Sal Frisella's 1990 Dodge Ram W-250 LE with 40k Miles] 
"This things NICE! It rides good - just like its supposed to."

Jason Hunt

"This truck is really everything you said it was."

Gateway Car Connection... oh, it's the best place I've ever been.


"It was so refreshing to be able to talk with other guys that know so much about these trucks, [Anthony and Dan] know these trucks as good as I do and I didnt think anyone ever did. Very trustworthy and knowledgable group, you've got to see it for yourself."

Excellent excellent excellent

"We were so happy to find the type of truck we were looking for, you've really got to come see them for yourself. Everything was as excellent as could be from start to finish."

So great.

"Everything has been so great, the whole thing."